Contacts Manager

Contacts manager

Contacts list is a collection of screen names in your mobile phone. This feature will help you to Backup, Restore, Delete or add a new contact to your device.

You can merge or overwrite contacts from any of your devices to this device.

Make sure you are on the device you want to merge the contacts into.


Backup contacts

Backup and save your contacts from your mobile device to your account online, no cables or wires needed, no special accounts needed, you can backup over-the-air and for free.


Restore contacts

Restore your contacts from your account to your mobile device over-the-air, no cables or wires needed.

Windows Mobile

Import and merge contacts

Merge your contacts between your accounts, import and move your contacts from a device to another over-the-air.


Add contacts

You can add a contact to your mobile device from your account online over-the-air.

MobiWee Vista Gadget

Delete contacts

You can delete your contacts from your mobile device with one click from your account over-the-air.