Android FAQ
  1. What is the MobiWee client? How do I get it on my phone?
    The MobiWee client is a small application that is installed on your phone to allow you to use the MobiWee service.
    a. To get started: On your Android device, go to the Android Market and search for MobiWee.
    b. Click Install>Open
    c. Enter your Username, Password, and Mobile number/Device ID (for non-phones) you registered when you signed up for MobiWee
    d. If you check “Enable Autosync,” your phone will access the internet every 5 minutes to update your MobiWee account. If you DO NOT have an unlimited data plan, MobiWee suggests unchecking the box to avoid surcharges.
    e. Check “Enable SMS reporting” if you would like MobiWee to keep a log of all received/sent SMS messages (effective for all SMS messages from now on)
    f. Check “Enable Phone State Reporting” if you would like MobiWee to keep a phone log of all your missed calls, incoming/outgoing calls, and voicemails. A phone log includes the phone number and timestamp (when the call was made/missed)
    g. Click on the “Menu” button and “Save Settings” to finish.
    h. Now go to to access your MobiWee account.
  2. Is my phone supported?
    MobiWee's services are designed to be accessible from any phone, no matter what operating system it runs. Currently, MobiWee clients are available for phones running on:
    -Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher (such as the Samsung Omnia, BlackJack, Hp Ipaq, and Palm Treo).
    -Android (compatable with Androids 1.1, 1.2, 1.5,1.6, 2.0 and 2.1 firmwares)
    -iPhone (compatable with 3G, 3Gs phones, ios 4 coming soon)
    -BlackBerry (compatable with v4.6 or heigher)
    -More Operating systems are in the pipeline, so be sure to check back often!
  3. What do I need to use MobiWee?
    1. A phone that can access the internet and runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher, Android, or iPhone Operating system.
    2. A computer with an internet connection and a web browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)
  4. What kind of connection do I need to use MobiWee on my phone?

    Connection Method

    Connection Type

    MobiWee Usage



    GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, EVDO, etc.

    Unlimited data plan recommended


    (LAN, PAN)


    Free to use MobiWee when logged in to a

    Wi-Fi hotspot



    Free to use MobiWee if connected to your computer through ActiveSync

    (assuming USB pass thru is enabled)

  5. What is my Portal?
    My Portal is your private view into everything related to your mobile phone. Your portal acts as your MobiWee homepage or dashboard where you can quickly and easily access all that MobiWee has to offer you.
  6. Why don’t I see anything on my Portal page/home page?
    If this is your first time logging in to your account, make sure the MobiWee client is installed and running on your mobile device. Make sure you are logged in to the MobiWee client on your mobile device with your username, password, and phone number.
    If you’ve logged in to your account before, make sure you click on the service you want, then send a request for the appropriate service (ex: on the portal page, click on: “locate my device” > “locate my device now”).
  7. What is File Manager?
    This service will allow you remotely manage, transfer files from any computer to your mobile device and back. File manager reads and displays all files and folders (including your SD card), making it easy to add, remove, backup, and restore your documents, files, music, ringtones, or videos.
  8. What is SMS Manager?
    This service will allow you to send, receive, copy, paste messages to one or more contacts directly from your computer. The messages you send from your computer are routed through your phone, and your carrier will count them as if they were sent from your phone. Check your plan and make sure you have enough text messages to support your messaging needs.
  9. What is Contacts Manager?
    This service will allow you to remotely backup, restore, delete or add a new contact to your device from any Web browser. Transfer your contacts when you upgrade or lose your phone.
  10. What is Locate My Device?
    This service will allow you to remotely track and identify the location of your mobile device from any web browser. Whether on the bus, at the airport, or simply left at work, with the mobile device location service, you're never left guessing. If your mobile device is out of range, MobiWee location services will keep trying until it finds it.
  11. Is MobiWee really free?
    Yes. MobiWee is a free service while our MobiWee clients in BETA testing, for the time being it can be used with Wi-Fi capable phones or phones with data plans. It is recommended to check with your carrier to determine if your data plan must be increased due to MobiWee's high consumption of data otherwise use your phone's Wi-Fi connection.
    Please check you applications store for updated professional client and prices.
  12. How many phones can I have connected to MobiWee account at one time?
    MobiWee has a limit of up to five phone numbers that you can connect. You are able to create a family account and store everyone's phone information under one account. for business accounts please conetact us, or a combination of both your personal and business phones.
  13. How do I choose what gets uploaded from the phone to my computer?
    Once you have registered for MobiWee and installed the MobiWee client to your mobile device, you can choose from the following options:
    a. Request the specific service you would like to execute from your portal on the MobiWee website
    • For example, you can upload your contacts by navigating to your “my portal” page, then: click on the “Manage Contacts” icon > click on “Backup My Contacts from My Device.”
    b. Send a comprehensive list from your mobile device by: running the MobiWee client > clicking on menu > select settings > select “send device info.”
    • If you choose to send a comprehensive list from your mobile device, be aware that this is data intensive and may take a few minutes as this will backup your contacts, send all file lists (including any SD cards), and any additional information supported by your mobile device.
  14. How can I update my MobiWee client to the latest version?
    Check for the latest client on the Android Market.
  15. Where do I go on to modify my settings? What can I control?
    In order to modify your settings, log in to your account to view and access the following links located at the top of the page. Edit My Device Info Edit My Account info Change My Password
  16. Are text messages free when I use the MobiWee service?
    No. However, MobiWee makes it much easier to read, compose, and reply to new messages when in front of a computer. The messages you send from your computer are routed through your phone, your carrier will count them as if they were sent from your phone. Check your plan and make sure you have enough text messages to support your messaging needs, MobiWee recommends an unlimited texting plan.
  17. Who sees what's on my MobiWee account?
    Only those with your MobiWee account login information (username and password) can access your account. Think of the MobiWee as your private view into everything related to your mobile phone(s).
  18. Why does MobiWee require a current email address?
    You will be emailed all MobiWee updates or other vital information. If you forget your password, this will be the only way to retrieve your information. MobiWee has a strict NO SPAM policy, and will not send you any unnecessary information.
  19. Why do I have to provide my mobile phone number when signing up?
    We use your mobile number to send you a text message with an installation link, which verifies that the phone accessing the MobiWee service actually belongs to you. Your number is protected and will NOT be distributed to any third parties.
  20. Do you share any of my private information?
    Per the MobiWee privacy policy, we do not share private data (such as your contacts, email addresses, files, etc) with any third parties. We will only collect personal data with your knowledge and consent.

     Technical information may be collected as a standard part of your use of the MobiWee website and services. Such information may include: your IP-address, access times, the website you linked from, pages you visit, the links you use, the ad banners and other content you viewed, information about your mobile device and other such technical information your browser provides us with or as may be otherwise collected in connection with certain products and services. When you use our services or otherwise interact with us over telecommunications networks, certain additional information, such as your mobile subscription number, may be transmitted to us by the telecommunications operator as a standard part of that communication. For more details click at the link below.
  21. What happens if the SIM card was removed? Can I still locate my phone?
    Yes. You will be able to capture the last known location of your phone as long as the phone is connected to the internet and was not reset to factory settings, even if the SIM card was removed.
    If the SIM card was replaced and the phone has an internet connection you will be able to capture the real-time location of your phone as long as it was not reset to factory settings.
  22. Why is an unlimited data plan recommended?
    MobiWee consumes a large amount of data by syncing your contacts, sending and receiving files, videos, etc. from your phone and making them available on your MobiWee account.
    We recommend an unlimited data plan because without one, your carrier will bill you for data transfers, usage fees, etc. used to download and update your MobiWee account. A limited data plan can result in overage data charges, if you're not careful.
    If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, not to worry, just connect to any Wifi network to use the MobiWee services without overage charges.
  23. How can I turn off the email notifications every time I do a request?
    To stop receiving an email notification, login to your account on >> Edit Account info >> Uncheck (receive an email on every request) box
  24. What should I do when I get User Error?
    This means that the username or password on the MobiWee client (on your phone) does not match our records. Please verify your Username and Password on your mobile device
  25. What should I do when I get Client Error?
    This means that you need to get the latest updated client version. To download the latest version for your Windows Mobile Device, go to the Android Market and download the latest MobiWee client.
  26. What should I do if I get a “Device Error” message?
    If you get a device error message, run the MobiWee client on your phone, then make sure the phone number under Menu>Settings>“mobile number” includes a country code (Ex: 19165555555).
    If you still get an error message, make sure the phone number you entered under “mobile number” belongs to the phone/SIM card you are using and is the same phone number you registered with MobiWee when you signed up.
    If you still get an error message, please email us at
  27. If I have a data plan through my carrier, but my phone isn't set up to access the Internet, what should I do?
    If you are unable to access the internet on your phone, you should call your provider to find out what the correct settings are for your specific mobile device.
  28. Should I be concerned about synching the data connection on my phone when roaming?
    Unless you're certain that your plan covers roaming it is likely that your provider will charge you for any data consumed while roaming on another network, even if you have an unlimited data plan. Your best option is to update your preferences to prevent data from being uploaded to your MobiWee account when out of network.
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