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TechStone Soft currently offers the following services:

MobiWee is a set of cloud computing services on which adress the everyday needs of both consumers and prosumers.

The collaboration services (Contact Manager, File Manager, SMS Manager, Email Setup, Favorites Importer, Speed Dial, Call Forwarding and Application Installation Manager) appeal to consumers & prosumers looking for a convenient way to personalize and customize their wireless device(s).

The suite of user-friendly security services allows users to remotely locate, shut down, lock, wipe, encrypt/decrypt and install certificates on their mobile device from any computer. The ease of MobiWee security services provides peace of mind for users with little to no technical expertise looking to prevent identity theft or simply looking to feel secure leaving data on their mobile device.

Prosumers will find the certificate import/export, encrypt/decrypt, and lock/wipe features practical as these features are usually present, but very difficult to configure or managed by a congested IT department.

MobiWee professional services leverage the internet cloud to provide tangible, cost-effective solutions as an alternative to the traditional server/host model, which requires regular maintenance and a costly, dedicated IT staff.

These services offer hundreds of customizable configurations & solutions for employers looking for custom authentication based on web, SMS & mobile technologies. Wifi, Bluetooth, and VOIP configuration are also available.