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The MobiWee suite of cloud services ( is the user-centric solution to the most common pain points associated with mobile information management:

Traditional syncing tethers users to their computer
MobiWee provides OTA/cloud collaboration from any PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Mobilizing data is risky
MobiWee secures sensitive data with remote lock/wipe, remote data encryption (using the native OS security), remote certificate export/installation, and remote device location services- even when the mobile device is lost, stolen, or the SIM card has been replaced.

Business continuity
MobiWee is non-intrusive and easy to use; business continuity is not put at risk with complex security that is impossible to implement when away from the office.
Ex: When a VP/Manager is away on a business trip and the Smartcard/OTP device is wiped, troubleshooting is impossible without an IT department.
MobiWee remote certificates can be implemented worldwide, through the IT department or self-service.

High Cost for Services and Support
MobiWee reduces costs by utilizing a scalable cloud computing model (host servers do not require regular maintenance or a dedicated IT staff).

Usability & User Experience
MobiWee offers compelling services that require little to no technical expertise to personalize, collaborate, and secure mobile devices.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.